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When I wrote my first every blog post back in May I had a lot of things in mind for what this blog would become. I envisioned a place where I’d share my thoughts, but most importantly my successes with the online world. 

Things don’t always go as planned. We get busy and life begins to fly by. We loose sight of goals and important things go by the wayside while we struggle to make the day to day grind of life happen. That’s what happened to me. I have’t given any thought to my blog, or my financial goal of 1 million by 30 in quite sometime. Then I rediscovered my why.

Why do I want to be worth 1 million by 30? Not to be able to brag. Not to impress my friends or coworkers. Certainly not to retire, 1 million doesn’t go as far as it used to. To me 1 million by 30 symbolizes the ability to live life on my own terms. To imagine something in my mind and bring it to fruition.

Last weekend I was out of town at a conference that focused on self improvement. I came back home Sunday morning. The first place I went was to my girlfriends house. When I arrived I found her upset at the thought of going to work in 9 hours. Upset probably isn’t adequate to describe how distraught she was. It hurt me in a place deep inside that I’ve never experienced before. I knew that if I worked hard and consistently that in a few years I would never have to see her upset at the thought of going to work again. Because we would be living life on our own terms, not tied to the 9-5 job, or in her case 7-7 job.

This was a new “why” that I had never experienced before. Why strive for more. Why grow and improve. Why earn more than I need to pay the bills. In my it was about pride and independence Today it’s about something very different. Today I’m motivated by a combination of both dream and nightmare. The dream of freedom of time and location. The nightmare of the job that constrains both of those.

When you loose focus things don’t tend to move in a positive direction. My net worth is down since may, to approximately 22,000.