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I think that we all know people that talk about dreams, goal, and ambitions. What kind of person they want to be, where they want to live, and what kind of wealth that they want to have. I know lots of people like this and I consider myself to be one. Recently I had a troubling realization that while I talk a lot about my ambitions I am not doing much in the way of tracking my progress towards them.

One goal that I’ve been talking about for years is to be a millionaire by 30. I don’t know why people (males in particular) love this idea. I guess the hope is that turning 30 will be much less traumatic if you have a million dollars in the bank. Just on a quick guess I would say that I first came up with the idea that it would be cool to have a million dollar net worth by 30 at age 19. By 21 I had made it a “goal” but obviously I haven’t been to serious about because now I’m 26 and I have had no idea how close or far I was from my magic 1 million mark until today. I’ll be honest I have a decent career so I wasn’t quite ready for how far away I actually am. After calculating my total net worth I realized that the sum of all my assets only amounted to $39,757….this isn’t looking to good.

I am thinking to myself “you mean to tell me I’ve been working for 8 years and I’m only worth 40K? We haven’t made much progress on the road to a million have we?” That means I have to increase my net worth by $960,000 in just a little over 3 years… yikes. I’m in sales so then I come up with the brilliant idea to break things down into smaller parts. Surely $960,000 will look much better if I break it down by days, weeks, or months right? Wrong. To be worth a million by 30 I only need to increase my net worth by $779.42 per day, $23,382.54 per month, and $284,487.58 per year. I’m not particularly encouraged by these “bite size numbers.”

To be honest once I did the math the first thought that went through my 26 year old brain was “Well you wasted too much time, there’s no way you can make it to 1 million by 30 now.” Then my tendency to stretch the rules and challenge the odds started rising up. So I’ve decided I’m going to try it, and I’m going to write about it as I go. It may be completely impossible, but I’m going to give it my everything starting today. Welcome to my road to a million.

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